In the 3 specialization tracks, diploma students are required to learn the appropriate academic, pedagogical and psychological means to work effectively with children with one of 3 targeted disabilities. This will require supporting and complimentary resources to stimulate the learning process. The e- and hardware resources have been designed to develop them appropriately, resource development tools and equipment are needed.

Engineering teams laboratories:

It is therefore, focused on developing a special education resource center located at NU and ASU with the sole purpose of developing new and innovative resources to support the special education teachers in their process with the disabled children.

The National Special Education Resource Center (NSERC) shall be equipped with simulators, development tools, machines, programming facilities and qualified programmers and engineers to become a sustainable source of Special Education e- and hardware resources/kits during and after the project life time.

The resource center has two divisions, the first if for hardware educational resources development and the second is for e-resources development.

National Special Education Resource Center

Hardware resource division:

First, all equipment needed to design, manufacture, test and operate the hardware academic resource kits will be acquired. Once acquired, generic multi-purpose assembled resource kits shall be designed and manufactured using 3D manufacturing machines integrated with smart sensors and actuators to serve the different learning objectives. This shall include power-less mechanical assemblies, reconfigurable structures and mechanisms, modular robots, computer controlled mechatronics systems with different levels of complexities and intelligence, basic physics and science tools and models that fit with the elementary and preparatory curricula and are adequate to the different types and levels of children disabilities. Complete operation manuals and demonstration videos will be developed.

E-labs and e-resource division:

First, all equipment needed to design, program, test and operate the e-experiments or e-resource kits will be acquired. Once acquired, generic multi-purpose software environment will be developed that can host all the e-labs and e-experiments serving the various courses in the primary and preparatory school levels and tailored to the different disability levels for the target children. A full set of training manuals shall be developed for the designed set of e-resources.


AFG3021B function generator

HAMEG power supply

34970A Data Acquisition

NI ELVIS II Hardware

TDS2002B Digital Scope

Project 3D printer

Laser Cutter

Water jet

Desktop CNC router

Ultimaker 3D printer

Cube 3D printer

Roland laser scanner

Multicam 100 CNC machine

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